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Quote For The Day – by Rob Bell

“As a pastor for over the past twenty years, what I’ve seen again and again is people who want to live lives of meaning and peace and significance and joy – people who have a compelling sense that their spirituality is in some vital yet mysterious way central to who they are – yet who can’t find meaning in the dominant conceptions, perceptions, and understandings of God they’ve encountered. In fact, those conceptions aren’t just failing them but are actually causing harm”

Rob Bell – “What We Talk About When We Talk About God” pp.2-3

HarperOne New York, New York

Copyright (c) 2013


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Quote For The Day

Today’s quote is from author Howard Kuntzler’s book – Too Much Magic – Wishful Thinking, Technology and The Fate of the Nation” (Atlantic Monthly Press New York, New York – 2012 – p.86):

Too Much Magic

“The present is a remarkable period of stupidity, even within the spectrum of what passes for extremes in our history. The challenges to the project of civilization have never been greater than in this moment of ecological overshoot, and the public conversation about what is happening to us and what we might do about it – has never been so inadequate. Our aging two party system gives off an odor of necrosis. Roughly dividing what we conceive to be the “right” and the “left,” both sides evince fabulous sweeps of cluelessness and dishonesty.”


Now what?


The Scrutiny of Beliefs


“We humans have never been terribly good at subjecting our own beliefs to the kind of withering scrutiny that might disprove them. We do have a related skill, however; we are quite good at subjecting other people’s beliefs to such scrutiny.”

Shirky, Clay Cognitive Surplus – Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age, The Penguin Press, New York, NY Copyright 2010 by Clay Shirky –  p. 136 –