Has Mexico’s Relocation Bargain Bubble Burst for US Retirees?

Mexico’s relocation bargain bubble fiesta has deflated for those US retirees with limited or fixed retirement resources, seeking a lower cost of living and the desire to maintain a similar lifestyle they enjoyed in the US. (This article was published in Europe on June 3, … Continue Reading ››

The Rainy Season in Queretaro Mexico – VIDEO

Well, what is referred to as the 'rainy season' is rapidly approaching here in central Mexico. Typically June through August.   
The Rainy Season in Queretaro, Mexico
  Here is a YouTube video that … Continue Reading ››

Profiled on CNN Today – Bill and Jacki Dahl

Jacki and I were profiled today (May 27, 2024). The CNN article is about US retirees relocating abroad. I will have an extensive article regarding relocation to Mexico for US retirees to be published on June 3, 2024. I will post it … Continue Reading ››

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