Guadalajara, Mexico – A Photo Gallery

Guadalajara, Mexico
  Guadalajara Mexico is a magically saturated city for photographers. I could wander and shoot for days in this city.
Guadalajara Centro
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Partial Solar Eclipse 14-10-2023 – Eclipse Solar Parcial – Queretaro, Mexico

Eclipse 14-10-2023
  The following are photos I captured today 14-10-2023 in colonia Lomas del Marques - Queretaro, Mexico.  
Eclipse - 14-10-2023
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Concheros – Queretaro – Creative Photography

Concheros Queretaro, MX Sept. 2023
  I truly enjoy attending the annual Fiesta de Concheros celebration in Queretaro, MX. The colors, people, families, dancing, and festivities are absolutely incredible - for a photographer. This is … Continue Reading ››

Seattle Mariners – 2023 Season End Summary

Dipoto's Shipwreck by Bill Dahl
    We are baseball nuts. Watched 159/162 games LIVE this year. Our team is the Seattle Mariners. Here is our take on the 2023 season - especially after the season … Continue Reading ››


The Fiesta de Los Concheros is one of my many favorite annual events to photograph in Queretaro, Mexico. These images were captured September 13-14th 2023.
Concheros - Queretaro, Mexico
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Exploring Chiapas Mexico

Chiapas MapExploring Chiapas, Mexico Chiapas is one of the most overlooked regions in Mexico for tourists. Chiapas is the southernmost Mexican state bordering Guatemala. It is comprised of mountainous highlands, … Continue Reading ››

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