Puebla Mexico

The following  is a LARGE photo album of our exploration of Puebla and Cholula, Mexico. This area is one of the most historic and gorgeous in Mexico. Plan to spend 5-7 days there for your visit. It is magnificent!!! Continue Reading ››

Dear Michelle

Dear Michelle:
Michelle Obama
My wife and I deeply appreciate how busy you are as a woman, mom, wife, daughter, compassionate advocate, results-oriented activist, author, thinker, visionary, and leader.  Please forgive us if … Continue Reading ››

In Memoriam: Homero Gómez González – Advocacy, Activism and Death in Mexico

The body of 50 year old Homero Gómez González was found floating in a shallow pond in the community of El Soldado de Ocampo in Michoacan, MX this week. He was last seen on January 13th 2020. We visited the El Rosario Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary … Continue Reading ››

La Vista de Queretaro – A Bed & Breakfast by Bill & Jacki Dahl

  Welcome to La Vista de Queretaro The Bed & Breakfast - of Bill & Jacki Dahl - Your Casa to Explore Central Mexico! Continue Reading ››

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