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Bill Dahl – June 2021


I am writing a nonfiction book that will take me through 2024. Thus, the new posts here will be less than I typically post.
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Bill Dahl is a former Senior Vice President for Bank of America in Los Angeles, CA. He currently resides in Queretaro, MX. His insightful analysis of global economic and socio-political affairs has been published widely. He is a contributing columnist for  IDN-InDepthNews, The Yucatan Times, Mexico Daily Post, The Mazatlan Post and Wall Street International Magazine (now Meer.com).  He has been a contributing columnist for Mexico News Daily, Seeking Alpha, Los Angeles based Hispanic Vista, Immigration Law Weekly (NY, NY), Cascade Business News, and an Op-Ed contributor for the Los Angeles Times – among others. He can be reached at https://www.BillDahl.net. 
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Bill and Jacki Dahl make their CURRENT home in Mexico. They have 4 children and five grandchildren. They have a 4 year old old Golden Lab – Rocky  and Rocky’s  little sister Chisca (2 years) who accompany Bill everywhere (They would be terribly disappointed if they weren’t mentioned here). 

Bill n Jacki Dahl



Bill is an award-winning photographer, investigative journalist, columnist, avid outdoorsman, writer/reader,  published author, freelance writer, and reviewer of literature. His FLICKR photography site went over 5,400,000 views in December 2023.


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Bill Dahl – June 2021

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Currently, I am a Mexico based writer, journalist and photo journalist.

In 2018, I spent five + weeks in the Guadalajara/Chapala region in the state of Jalisco/central Mexico examining the urgent public health and environmental issues that inhabit the area. It was a 30 month project culminating in January 2019 with the publication of My Book: Lake Chapala – Beneath the Surface – Considerations for Retiring in Mexico. It is available at AMAZON, APPLE, B&N (a dozen more e-book outlets) and through independent book stores.

I am currently a correspondent for Wall Street International Magazine (Europe) and others.

Wall Street International Magazine
mexico-daily post


Mexico News Daily


Bill holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Washington State University, where he served as a Research Assistant in the Social Research Center. His written work is widely published.

September 2020 – Regarding Reggie – Lessons About Life and Love Led by a Lab.

December 2018 – Investigative Journalism

In 2018 I spent five + weeks in August 2018 and October/November 2018 in the Guadalajara/Chapala region in the state of Jalisco in central Mexico examining the area. This was part of a 30 month investigative journalism endeavor. This book is in the process of being updated for release in 2022.

I encountered and investigated urgent public health and environmental hazards in the region. The situation demands international attention. The retirees that comprise the expat community who reside in the area (U.S., Canadians and Europeans) comprise one of the largest concentrations anywhere today (Lake Chapala area). The Book is written for a general audience – although it has garnered the readership of professional publications/journals, academics and advocacy groups. The book contains a series of human interest stories that logically flow with one another – designed to bring international attention and action to a terribly hazardous situation…negatively impacting the poor…and to inspire action by the  Mexican Federal Government.

Bill Dahl – Literature Review Bio:

Think About It

SORRY – NO Book Reviews in 2020 – 2024 Just too Busy and focused on completing my upcoming book (s) – September 2024).

I read EVERY word on EVERY page of the books I review. I read around a hundred books a year. Most of my reviews are here at https://www.BillDahl.net and on Amazon. Bill has a policy of not publishing reviews of books he reads that he doesn’t particularly care for – and is uncomfortable recommending to others.


( “Literature is like ice cream….there’s a whole bunch of flavors and I have my own tastes that differ from others…some people adore chocolate while others prefer pecan nut” — Bill Dahl).

Bill reviews pre-publication manuscripts, and early release books for a variety of publishers and authors in the U.S. and abroad. He works with publicity departments of major publishers, literary PR firms and at the request of certain authors. He performs this service gratis, without any compensation whatsoever (he knows….he’s really stupid — and kind).

Notable authors whose work Bill has reviewed include Timothy Egan, Michael Lewis, Karl Marlantes, William P. (Paul) Young, Samantha Power, David Brooks, Stanley Karnow, Daniel Kahneman, Jeffrey Sachs, Parker Palmer, George Akerlof and Robert Shiller, Andrew W. Lo, Jessica M. Lepler, Stephen L. Carter, Andrew Ross-Sorkin, Nick Jans, Barbara Tuchman, Marisa Lankester, Thomas Peele, James Simon, Bart D. Ehrman, Peter Stark, John Wasik, David Grann, Jesse Eisinger, Mark Bowden, Roger Lowenstein, Gretchen Morgenson, Taylor Branch, Brian McLaren, Irshad Manji, Eboo Patel, Christopher Knowlton, Daniel Pink – and a myriad of others.

My current literary interests (2024) include the non-fiction genres of  U.S. Financial History, economic crises, narrative economics, perception, narrative transmission, cognition, and cultural transmission. If you have an early release/pre-release book you would like reviewed in these subject areas, Please email me at dahl no space bill at gmail dot com Thank You.


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  1. Hi Bill, I read your excellent, insightful review of Chasing the Flame on Amazon, and had a book I thought you might be interested in and I’d like to send it to you for a possible review. Thanks, Chris

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  3. Dr. Hogan. Thank you for your encouraging comment on my website…https://www.BillDahl.net. Yes, photography is a gratifying lifetime hobby for me. Glad you enjoyed mu Flickr site. Sure, I will send you a copy of the manuscript for review when ready. Thank you. I am looking for some clinical research about how human cultural traits/tendencies/worldviews (intergenerational cultural transmission) are transferred from one generation to the next, in a particular geographic region – if you know of any sources or books…I would appreciate it. Best, Bill.

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