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Focus on Mexico – A Learning Adventure

Focus On Mexico
In October November 2018, I had the opportunity to experience the Focus on Mexico Learning Adventure in Ajijic Mexico. My wife and I had been in Ajijic in August 2018 when Focus on Mexico had their August gathering and had the … Continue Reading ››

The Pelicans of Petatan Mexico – Lake Chapala – VIDEO

The Petatan Pelicans of Lake Chapala
A journey to the other side of Lake encounter the amazing Pelicans of Petatan. These are white Pelicans from Canada that migrate to the waters surrounding this small isthmus village - each year. They reside here between … Continue Reading ››

Speaking the Unspoken – Racism in the U.S.

As we embrace the graduation season, it's important to listen to our high school students - particularly when they Speak The Unspoken. Contemplate their voices in this video from 2007 - that illustrates the challenges we must continue to address in 2016. Please share with your graduates, your family members, friends and those who share a … Continue Reading ››

Brian McLaren on Students Speaking the Unspoken – Racism in High School

A nice shout out from Brian McLaren – Students Speaking the Unspoken – a short film