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Focus on Mexico – A Learning Adventure


Focus On Mexico

In October November 2018, I had the opportunity to experience the Focus on Mexico Learning Adventure in Ajijic Mexico. My wife and I had been in Ajijic in August 2018 when Focus on Mexico had their August gathering and had the opportunity to speak with FOM attendees who were participating in the August 2018 session. The unanimous opinion of those August 2018 FOM attendees was “This is a fantastic program! Do it. For sure.”

We returned to the U.S. and decided I should enroll in the October (25-November 2nd 2018) Focus on Mexico forum. I did just that.

Frankly, I had a blast at Focus on Mexico…met fantastic people…learned more than I could have imagined…and will remember the Focus on Mexico learning adventure for the rest of my life. Honestly, it was priceless for me. Here’s how I really feel about Focus on Mexico:

Focus on Mexico by Bill Dahl


“Don’t hesitate! Register for Focus on Mexico NOW! This is NOT a seminar. It IS a learning experience – with others like you, exploring the possibilities of relocating to Lakeside. It is also the opportunity to meet new people, begin enduring friendships, meet those in the business of serving your everyday needs (transportation, moving, customs, immigration, legal matters, fitness, pet care, financial considerations, real estate, healthcare, transportation, investment, foreign currency exchange, financial planning, etc.). Don’t worry – you wont be locked in a dark room for a week! On the contrary, FOCUS staff intentionally immerses the group in a variety of  essential forays into the surrounding communities and culture. Expect to Learn. Ask Questions. Laugh. Explore. Wander. Have Fun! Register today – and complete this learning experience! It is an essential investment that will deliver practical and tangible benefits to you and yours for years to come! You will be very glad you did. We are.”


HERE is a VIDEOWith MUSIC – of my Focus on Mexico adventure…Turn your Sound On…Best on a tablet, laptop or pc monitor – some can screen to you HDTV (if you get YouTube).

Your hosts Michael Nuschke and his wife Rhonda Newcombe are AMAZING people and fantastic guides.

Michael n Rhonda by Evan Ellis-Raymer‌


Michael and Rhonda are assisted by a MARVELOUS woman – Anna Kabande.


Anna Kabande


I have created two photo albums from my Focus on Mexico experience. Just CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW – EITHER ONE:





Focus On Mexico

Register NOW for an upcoming week with Focus On Mexico…You will cherish the Learning Adventure…Trust me…I am still glowing…

Focus on Mexico by Bill Dahl







The Pelicans of Petatan Mexico – Lake Chapala – VIDEO

The Petatan Pelicans of Lake Chapala

A journey to the other side of Lake Chapala…to encounter the amazing Pelicans of Petatan. These are white Pelicans from Canada that migrate to the waters surrounding this small isthmus village – each year. They reside here between late October and March every year. The music that accompanies the video was LIVE via the restaurant PA system where the video was captured. ENJOY!!! Take a day or 2 or 3 and drive from Ajijic or Chapala and visit the wonderful towns and villages on the south shore of Lake Chapala…It’s marvelous…

Around Lake Chapala

Click this LINK to go to my You Tube video. View it in Full Screen with sound…or—

Click on the image Below…


ENJOY!!! – Feel free to share….

Lake Chapala – A Walking Tour

Ajijic, Mexico Hotel Real de Chapala

The following is a link to YOU TUBE that uses my photography of this area in August 2018 during a walking tour of the area – Ajijic, Jocotepec, San Juan Cosala and Chapala.

This should NOT be viewed on a DAMN CELL PHONE. Use a tablet, laptop, PC monitor OR stream/cast to your HDTV. Feel free to share with friends/family/others who have interest in Lakeside – on the north shore of Lake Chapala in Jalisco, Mexico.



3. Sit back and enjoy.

4. Use the controls on You Tube to stop the video at any time, discuss – and resume.



Click the image below and enjoy the imagery right here:


Floreta de Ajijic



Speaking the Unspoken – Racism in the U.S.

As we embrace the graduation season, it’s important to listen to our high school students – particularly when they Speak The Unspoken.

Contemplate their voices in this video from 2007 – that illustrates the challenges we must continue to address in 2016.

Please share with your graduates, your family members, friends and those who share a deep concern regarding the heart of the U.S. – and how we might proceed to improve our communities, our countries, our world, our hearts and our future.


Mt. Jefferson Wilderness – Videos

The following are several short videos I captured in the Jefferson Park area of the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness. To view – CLICK on each of the BELOW.



Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

For a photo journal of Jefferson Park – CLICK HERE:



Brian McLaren on Students Speaking the Unspoken – Racism in High School

Thanks so much to Brian Mclaren for the shout out on his blog today:







In an email, Brian referred to the film “Students Speaking the Unspoken” as “amazing.”

You can see the film here:

Speaking the Unspoken - A Film About Racism in the American High School
Speaking the Unspoken – A Film About Racism in the American High School








Brian’s bio is here and includes the following (exceprt):

Brian D. McLaren is an author, speaker, activist, and networker among innovative Christian leaders. His dozen-plus books include A New Kind of Christianity, A Generous Orthodoxy, Naked Spirituality, and Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road? He and his wife, Grace, live in Florida and have four adult children and four grandchildren. He’s an avid wildlife and outdoors enthusiast. His upcoming book, We Make the Road by Walking, is scheduled for release in June, 2014.