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I am a freelance writer/investigative journalist – for hire. I also ghost write. I am immersed in writing and research for a non-fiction book through 2024…thus…my time is scarce and I will be picky about prospective projects throughout 2024…just sayin’…

Bill Dahl



In December 2018 I completed a thirty month process producing an investigative journalism series that culminated in the publication of my new book in January 2019. The title is Lake Chapala – Beneath the Surface – Considerations for Retiring in Mexico. You can find it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple or in your local independent bookstore.

Biographies, legacy stories, life stories,  investigative journalism, journalism, news stories, strategize ad campaigns, video scripts, company messaging campaigns, marketing campaigns, branding, business plans, grant writing, web site copy, copy writing, editing services, etc.

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