Guadalajara, Mexico – A Photo Gallery

Guadalajara, Mexico


Guadalajara Mexico is a magically saturated city for photographers. I could wander and shoot for days in this city.

Guadalajara Centro

The following are some images I captured in Guadalajara in October 2023. These images are large and best viewed on an iPad, laptop, monitor or HDTV. After you CLICK ON A LINK BELOW, use the SLIDESHOW feature to enlarge and enjoy the show…

Guadalajara Artistry

Guadalajara Black & White

Guadalajara, MX

People Portraits

Locations include Zona Centro Historico, Zapopan, Colonia Vallarta,  and Tlaquepaque.

Special thanks to Ramon, Dionisio, and Eduardo at the Doubletree Hotel in Zona Centro Historico for authorized access to the 7th floor for my photography.

Sit back and enjoy Guadalajara, Mexico!!!!


Basilica de Zapopan



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