I have recently been the victim of people using my images WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION. In some cases, taking credit for my work themselves. It’s theft.

All my photographic images on ANY PLATFORM are the intellectual property of Bill Dahl. Permission from Bill Dahl – in writing – is required for any use of the content on these sites or any other. (ALL Rights Reserved 2009/10/11/12/13/14). My photography is licensed for use/reuse by Getty Images.

People engaged professionally in the visual and literary arts – as I am – work VERY hard and spend real money to create their works. Copying, reusing, re-sharing – without prior – written – authorization – or duly licensed through my agency (Getty et al) is stealing and illegal.

WARNING: In my case, whenever and wherever identified – the enforcement of my rights – and the collection of damages and prosecution for theft – is a certainty.

Enough said.

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