Brooks Lake – Wyoming

This photo album is our fly fishing trip on Brooks Lake in late June 2017 with guide (EXTRAORDINAIRE) Mark QuigleyBrooks Lake is situated within a high mountain basin in the Rocky Mountains at 9200 feet above sea level. It is one mile from the North American Continental Divide and has spectacular views of the Pinnacle Buttes, Austin’s Peak, and Brooks Mountain…..and the Rainbow TROUT are HUNGRY and PLENTIFUL!!!

This is one of the most gorgeous natural landscapes in the Rockies, outside the National Parks (and FAR FEWER PEOPLE!!!). Make sure you call Mark Quigley at 602-690-5901 to arrange a fly fishing and outdoor adventure that you will ALWAYS treasure.

Beware – the lake and lodge are situated in the midst of Grizzly Bear country. BE BEAR AWARE!!! ALWAYS CARRY BEAR SPRAY IN THIS AREA…AND STAY ALERT!!!

These are high quality images NOT intended to be viewed on a cell phone. CLICK HERE to go to the photo album – then – go to FULL SCREEN and/or SLIDE SHOW — or – just click on the image below.

Brooks Lake - Wyoming


ENJOY! We certainly did!!!

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