Killing The Messenger by Thomas Peele – A Review by Bill Dahl


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On August 2, 2007 a journalist by the name of Chauncey Bailey was mercilessly gunned down in Oakland, CA. It was only the second time in U.S. history that a journalist was intentionally murdered (pre-meditated) pursuing a story… a terribly important story.

I must say that living in the U.S. affords one the privilege of devouring the works of a small group of extraordinarily talented, uniquely gifted investigative journalists – Thomas Peele has now firmly established himself amongst them.

This is a story of manipulation, oppression, deception, rape, murder, intimidation, savagery, brutality, cultism, dogma, racism, religion – so compelling and adroitly characterized that I had to put the book down (on multiple occasions) and go fetch a glass of water to calm my stomach. However – this is a book you simply cannot start and then leave it for another day. The heinous insanity of the behavior of those involved in this story is beyond the borders of shock and awe.

Spellbinding! Shocking! Heinous! The embodiment of evil – spawned within a back story of a completely perverted sense of ‘religious’ righteousness. It’s a story about con-men who prey on the hopeless and the helpless – manipulating them into pawns who descend into the depths of a living hell that one cannot possibly imagine – in 21st century America. Yet, it’s true.

The sheer depth and breadth of the sourcing that went into this book will blow your mind. This is work – hard work. Yet, the  end result, Killing The Messenger by Thomas Peele, provides an incredibly important missing piece of the ongoing woop and warf of American history…and the reconstruction of the devastation that occurs at the intersection of people, religion, race, and culture….the molecular structure within the alchemy of the manufacture of madness!

If you enjoy non-fiction American history – particularly from the perspective of sub-cultures – you’ll be amazed, dismayed and duly disturbed by the sheer intensity of this story.


P.S. Have a roll of antacids on hand BEFORE you begin this book. It gets to your gut…trust me…


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