Lone Pine Clydesdales – Walking H Ranch – Hegele Family – Draft Horses

The following are images I captured of the Lone Pine Clydesdales – courtesy of the kindness of the Hegele family and their  Walking H Ranch located in Lone Pine, Oregon. These images were taken at the August 2018 Deschutes County Fair and Rodeo.


These images are VERY HIGH QUALITY  and are NOT intended to be viewed on a mobile phone. PLEASE view on a high resolution PC, Mac, HDTV, iPad or Tablet to enjoy these images.

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE BELOW TO ENLARGE – then – use the arrows to go to the next image:

Thank you to Rocky and your family!

 For more information on what horses are currently for sale, please contact Candy Hegele 503-519-3606 or Alisha Hegele at 503-313-3343.

You can also email them  at Lonepineclydesdales@yahoo.com for more information!

Lone Pine Clydesdales is now offering custom carriage and hay rides.  Contact the Hegele’s for a personal quote on your special event!


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