Recently Read by Bill Dahl

Here are a few books I have recently completed. Sorry, no time for book reviews in 2018 – too busy doing research and writing my own book (UNLESS – of course – by special request by certain authors/publishers):




  1.  Trivers, Robert The Folly of Fools – The Logic of Deceit and Self-Deception in Human Life, Basic Books – A Division of the Perseus Books Group New York, NY Copyright © 2011 by Robert Trivers

    2. Robbins, William G. Landscapes of Promise – The Oregon Story 1800-1940 University of Washington Press Seattle, WA and London, UK Copyright © 1997 by The University of Washington Press

    3. Costandi, Moheb  Neuroplasticity, The MIT Press Cambridge, MA and London, UK Copyright © 2016 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    4. Ballenesien, Edward, J. Fraud – An American History From Barnum to Madoff, Princeton University Press Princeton, NJ and Oxford, UK Copyright (c) 2017 by Princeton University Press

4. Horwitz, Tony A Voyage Long and Strange – On the Trail of Vikings, Conquistadors, Lost Colonists and Other Adventurers in Early America, Picador – Henry Holt & Company New York, NY Copyright © 2008 by Tony Horwitz

5. Diamond, Jared Collapse – How Societies Choose To Fail Or Succeed, Penguin Books – Published by The Penguin Group New York, NY Copyright © 2005, 2011 by Jared Diamond

6. Berger, Lee and Hawks, John Almost Human – The Astounding Tale of Homo Naledi and the Discovery That Changed Our Human Story, National Geographic Partners, LLC Washington, DC Copyright © 2017 by Lee Berger.


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