Regarding Reggie – Lessons About Life and Love Led by a Lab – by Bill Dahl

My NEW book will be released on September 2nd, 2020. It is entitled: Regarding Reggie – Lessons About Life and Love Led by a Lab.

Regarding Reggie

The book recently received a wonderful review by Nick Jans – America’s foremost outdoor writer:

“Man’s Best Friend: a phrase so ingrained in our collective consciousness that everyone understands we’re referring (of course!) to our canine companions—according to the archeological record, an interwoven and complex interspecies bond unlike any on the planet, spanning cultures and tens of thousands of years. Regarding Reggie is an engaging, heartfelt testament to that connection. Author Bill Dahl takes us along on a journey that traces the life of his best friend, from puppyhood through years of adventures to his last days and beyond. At times lighthearted, in others poignant, often philosophical, Dahl’s narrative includes us emotionally; it is, truly, a love story that plumbs the depths of both the human and canine soul.” Nick Jans
About Nick Jans:
Nick Jans, is the author of international bestseller, A Wolf Called Romeo. (The #1 ranked Best Selling Book on Amazon in Biological Science of Dogs & Wolves).Jans is one of Alaska’s most recognized and prolific writers. A longtime contributing editor to Alaska Magazine and a member of USA Today’s board of editorial contributors, he’s written twelve books and hundreds of magazine articles and columns, and has contributed to many anthologies and other books. “Jans is an exceptional storyteller – no nature writer can top him in terms of sheer emotional force.” — The New York Times
Nick Jans is my favorite outdoor writer. I have read and reviewed almost all of his books. Nick’s review of the manuscript made Regarding Reggie a vastly better book. We are eternally grateful for Nick’s amazing talent and his contribution to this work.


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