The American Mission – A Novel by Matthew Palmer – Review by Bill Dahl

The American Mission
The American Mission










The American Mission – A Novel by Matthew Palmer – G.P. Putnam’s Sons New York, NY (The Penguin Group).


I selected this book as a member of the Amazon Vine program – A splendid choice!

As one who is intrigued by international relations, this book caught my eye.  Authored by a twenty year vet of the U.S. Foreign Service (U.S. State Dept.) — some readers might suspect that this novel is going to be dry and filled with terms and plot the ordinary person might find less than appetizing – nothing could be further from the reality that Matthew Palmer conveys in this phenomenal volume…from the first page to the last. (Did I say phenomenal twice?)

Filled with the themes of corruption, intrigue, suspense, violence, scheming and cunning – this novel (Palmer’s first) left me yearning for NEXT!

For me, reading a book is like completing a meal. Some meals are memorable – others – not so much. This novel is distinctly memorable – written by someone who has actually lived for decades immersed in the country, culture, characters and cunning that are prerequisites for writing a compelling story akin to The American Mission.

There’s much, MUCH more to this novel than the title might convey.

A GREAT summer reading selection!

BUY THIS BOOK! You’ll love it. I certainly did! Thank you Mr. Palmer. GREAT job!

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