The Wild Goose Festival – WEST – 2012 – Images by Bill Dahl

The following are  links to the images of the recent Wild Goose Festival WEST held in Corvallis, Oregon August 31st through September 2nd 2012. Photography is by Bill Dahl.

Should you desire a specific image, please let me know at dahlbill (at) gmail (dot) com. I only ask that NO images NOT be used for commercial purposes (unless permission is otherwise granted in writing) and that you give Bill Dahl the attribution. (“Photography by Bill Dahl” with a link ( if possible ) to this site).

I hope you enjoy the following…click SLIDESHOW after you click any link below:

1. The PEOPLE of The Wild Goose Festival







2. The CHILDREN of The Wild Goose Festival (aka Wild Goslings)







3. The ART of the Wild Goose Festival.







4. The Music and Musicians of The Wild Goose Festival.







5. Nature that inhabits The Wild Goose Festival.







6. Some of the Speakers and Sponsors of The Wild Goose Festival.







7. 1-6 Above – The Wild Goose Festival.






What is The Wild Goose Festival all about? (excerpt below from their site):




The Wild Goose is a Celtic spirituality metaphor that evokes unpredictability, beauty, and grace. The festival resonates with this image because we recognize that in the current climate of religious and political division and lack of civility, embracing the creative and open nature of our faith is perhaps our greatest asset for re-building and strengthening our relationships with each other, with our enemies, with our stories, our questions, and the other. In that spirit, in an informal setting, and in the context of creative and respectful relationships, we invite you to imagine a new world with us.

Here’s an intro video from Wild Goose:

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2 thoughts on “The Wild Goose Festival – WEST – 2012 – Images by Bill Dahl”

  1. Bill Dahl,

    My name is Jenny Foster, I was the one whom lead the decorating team at Wild Goose, and I saw your pics of the festival and loved them all! I noticed you caught a shot of my paper crane origami that I made for the festival. I was wondering what it would take to have a copy. I would like to purchase a copy of the paper crane photo and use it. Let me know how that works. Thank you.

    – Jenny Foster

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