Islam – A Short History- by Karen Armstrong

Islam – A Short History- by Karen Armstrong

Karen Armstrong is my favorite religious scholar. This NY Times bestseller is a tremendous resource for beginning to develop an understanding for our Muslim brothers and sisters, and the history of their faith.

Develop understanding beyond the flavor of your present faith. A wonderful book.

2 thoughts on “Islam – A Short History- by Karen Armstrong”

  1. Bill you should read the Secrets of the Kuran by Robinson if you want an eye opener. I heard him speak at Flagler College under the protection of the county’s finist deputies.


  2. Tom:

    I have read many books about Islam. Jacki and I have lived with Muslim young adults in our home here for the past three years. The best I have read is Pilgrims of Christ on the Muslim Road by Paul Gordon Chandler. It is a story of the lives of Mazhar and Christine Mallouhi. Undoubtedly the best way to understand the other is to live together in your own home….I witnessed the myths melt in my living room — and then the truth ricochet round the globe.

    Bless you my friend.


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