Thinking For A Living by Joey Reiman

Reiman, Joey Thinking For A Living – Creating Ideas That Revolutionize Your Business, Career and Life, Longstreet Press Athens, GA Copyright © 1998 by Joey Reiman


Warning: You cannot read this book and come away uninspired. This is a truly wonderful read. The impact the book had on me was to continue to write in the margins — ideas that seemed to bubble up as I walked through this journey with Joey Reiman. Need inspiration? Read this book!

The following are some of my favorite excerpts:

“Ideas are what matters most in business, in life, and in society.” P. 12

“We live at a time when creative people can transform cultures in ways that used to be unimaginable.” P.14

I’ve got a bunch of flags on my boat. But there ain’t no white flags.” P.24.


“Lazy marketing creates a monologue with customers while an experience creates a dialogue.” P.60

“The best way to create a high-quality idea is to create a high-quantity of ideas. And the best way to do this is to think. Thinking takes time, so the longest stage of the ideation process is incubation.” P. 64

“If you want to find the answer, ask as many questions as possible.” P.66

ld, we  need to think in a nonlinear fashion because change is nonlinear.” P. 109

“Bastions of procedure create idea anorexia — thoughts that think they are big are really small.” P.110

“Anyone afraid of destroying the old to get to the new never will be able to achieve a worthwhile, breakthrough innovation.” P. 110

“The culture says, “Don’t think outside the square, or you may find yourself outside the company.” This is the kind of culture that rewards stodgy thinking and dull, safe ideas. At the same time, it strangles great thinking.” P.110

“Companies and environments that have a certain way of doing things – that are stuck in a rut of routine thinking – will undo any possibility of having breakthrough ideas.” P. 110

“Big ideas don’t appear, they evolve.” P. 66

“The biggest hurdle the human race faces now is finding a way to create as dynamic and nurturing an environment as possible on a global scale. The scary thing is we need to do it now more than ever before. The encouraging thing is we can do it now more than ever before.” P. 188

“The more we’re idea driven, entrepreneurial, open to opportunity, creating ideas, reinventing ourselves, the more we grow. The more we stifle ideas, sit on our lead, repeat ourselves, depend on a single model, the more we stagnate.” P. 189

“The inescapable truth of the twenty-first century will be that stupidity and stagnation will exact a price we can no longer afford to pay.” p.190

“Imagine children being taught that it’s more important to question than to provide an answer.” P. 191

Joey Reiman lives what he writes. Required reading for creative folks — once a year for life.

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