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The Pelicans of Lake Chapala by Bill Dahl

The Pelicans of Lake Chapala by Bill Dahl

The Pelicans of Canada arrive in Lake Chapala Mexico every October – to enjoy winter in the warm climate until March – a 3,000 mile one way journey.

CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW to enjoy the images I captured in November 2018 of these marvelous creatures.


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The Pelicans of Lake Chapala Mexico



Focus on Mexico – A Learning Adventure


Focus On Mexico

In October November 2018, I had the opportunity to experience the Focus on Mexico Learning Adventure in Ajijic Mexico. My wife and I had been in Ajijic in August 2018 when Focus on Mexico had their August gathering and had the opportunity to speak with FOM attendees who were participating in the August 2018 session. The unanimous opinion of those August 2018 FOM attendees was “This is a fantastic program! Do it. For sure.”

We returned to the U.S. and decided I should enroll in the October (25-November 2nd 2018) Focus on Mexico forum. I did just that.

Frankly, I had a blast at Focus on Mexico…met fantastic people…learned more than I could have imagined…and will remember the Focus on Mexico learning adventure for the rest of my life. Honestly, it was priceless for me. Here’s how I really feel about Focus on Mexico:

Focus on Mexico by Bill Dahl


“Don’t hesitate! Register for Focus on Mexico NOW! This is NOT a seminar. It IS a learning experience – with others like you, exploring the possibilities of relocating to Lakeside. It is also the opportunity to meet new people, begin enduring friendships, meet those in the business of serving your everyday needs (transportation, moving, customs, immigration, legal matters, fitness, pet care, financial considerations, real estate, healthcare, transportation, investment, foreign currency exchange, financial planning, etc.). Don’t worry – you wont be locked in a dark room for a week! On the contrary, FOCUS staff intentionally immerses the group in a variety of  essential forays into the surrounding communities and culture. Expect to Learn. Ask Questions. Laugh. Explore. Wander. Have Fun! Register today – and complete this learning experience! It is an essential investment that will deliver practical and tangible benefits to you and yours for years to come! You will be very glad you did. We are.”


HERE is a VIDEOWith MUSIC – of my Focus on Mexico adventure…Turn your Sound On…Best on a tablet, laptop or pc monitor – some can screen to you HDTV (if you get YouTube).

Your hosts Michael Nuschke and his wife Rhonda Newcombe are AMAZING people and fantastic guides.

Michael n Rhonda by Evan Ellis-Raymer‌


Michael and Rhonda are assisted by a MARVELOUS woman – Anna Kabande.


Anna Kabande


I have created two photo albums from my Focus on Mexico experience. Just CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW – EITHER ONE:





Focus On Mexico

Register NOW for an upcoming week with Focus On Mexico…You will cherish the Learning Adventure…Trust me…I am still glowing…

Focus on Mexico by Bill Dahl



The Pelicans of Lake Chapala by Bill Dahl

The Pelicans of Lake Chapala by Bill Dahl


Every October these white Pelicans from Canada migrate to this small village in central Mexico. They stay until March. The village is Petatan – located on Lake Chapala – in the state of Jalisco.

Visit Lake Chapala, Ajijic and the surrounding communities – including those on the “other side” of the lake from Ajijic and Chapala.





The Fare of Ajijic-Chapala

The Fresh FARE of Ajijic Chapala

Surrounded by farmlands – the fruits, vegetables and fare of this area are world renowned.  This photo album attempts to capture the mouth watering diversity of the fresh fare that is available in the Ajijic-Chapala area.

CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW to stay here and enjoy the photo album:



The Fare of Ajijic




The Artistry of Guadalajara – Zona Centro Historico

Beyond architecture – which I deem a distinctly incredible form of art – the art on display in Guadalajara, Mexico is a world treasure. It embraces one in a myriad of forms – visual, auditory, tastes, smell and touch. You simply MUST – Discover Guadalajara, Mexico.

Remember the airport code for Guadalajara – GDL – a Great Destination to Love…

The Galleries, Museums, and even many Hotels have the most amazing art collections one can ever hope to become immersed in. This artistry stands alone among some of the best collections on public display around the globe. Again – Discover Guadalajara!!!

One hotel in particular has a unique and spectacular collection of art  – encountered in the main lobby, every floor, and on their 7th Floor Restaurant PISO 7 – It is The NH Hotel in Zona Centro Historico.

NH Hotel – Guadalajara – with Permission

I ALWAYS stay at the NH Hotel in downtown Guadalajara in the Zona Centro Historico. Ramon is THE World Class Guest Relations Manager and Patricia is a fantastico Guest Relations resource. The NH Hotel is the perfect place to reside to enjoy walking to the breathtaking historical treasures this city possesses. I recommend the 5th floor rooms facing east with the outdoor terrace – where one has an amazing view of Catedral Metropolitano (especially at night). Make CERTAIN you enjoy their restaurant on the 7th floor – PISO 7 – …SUPERB food, WORLD CLASS ARTWORK throughout the Restaurant (and hotel), beautiful architecture, GREAT WIFI, Outstanding staff — and my absolute favorite view in Guadalajara ( a dinner in PISO 7 after dark is memorable – breakfast is Off The Charts – Delicioso!!!!!!! ). Some of the imagery of this splendid hotel is included in this photo album (with permission). Imagery from art galleries on public display included herein is also with permission.

Ramon and Patricia – NH Hotel – Guadalajara, MX

The images displayed in this photo album are HIGH QUALITY images captured with Canon professional photography equipment and post-capture processed in Adobe Lightroom – along with some HDR images processed in Aurora HDR. DO NOT VIEW THESE IMAGES ON A DAMN CELL PHONE…Use a tablet, laptop, pc monitor or stream to your HDTV.

Stay right here and enjoy the imagery by clicking on the image below:



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Enjoy! Any comments – please leave them in the space provided beneath this post on https://www.BillDahl.net

Feel Free to share this POST with whomever you desire or re-post it for the enjoyment of others. All images are Copyrighted and All Rights Reserved. My photography work is licensed by Getty Images or via direct contact with me – in writing. Please DO NOT download, copy or distribute any of my images.

Visit Guadalajara!!! – Immerse yourself in the magic…

Remember the airport code for Guadalajara – GDL – a Great Destination to Love…





RHS JV 2 vs. Willamette – Football – 10-11-2018 – by Bill Dahl


RHS v Willamette

The following are images captured during the Redmond Panthers JV-2 football game vs. Willamette in Redmond, OR on Thursday 10-11-2018.

These are HIGH quality images NOT intended to be viewed on a cell phone. Use an iPad, tablet, laptop, PC monitor or stream to your HDTV.

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Redmond Panthers vs. Willamette

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