Just Jesus

Maybe your life’s on a roll, absent any major care or sorrow.
Perhaps it’s filled with fear, over money you need to pay the bills, but cannot borrow
You can count on just one thing, if and when there comes tomorrow.

Your approach to life has been, it’s just another day
“No problem.” and “I’m fine,” are the typical things you say
Your relationship with Christ, “I guess that it’s O.K.”

You may have hit your stride, lavishing in comfort and feeling all secure,
Your health may be impaired; a disease for which there is no present cure
Your anchor will come loose, in this fact, you can be sure.

You’ll begin to drift, until you finally run aground.
You won’t even know it, until you’re awakened by the jolt, and that wretched screeching sound.
Something finally has your attention, as the adrenaline begins to pound.

Questions overwhelm your mind, “How’d this get so out of hand?”
“I thought I was anchored firmly to the Rock. It turned out to be sand.”
“I must have misinterpreted the charts. I just don’t understand!”

“Abandon ship,” on all superficial niceties, the stuff you’ve come to think that pleases.
You’re tossed into the water, get a cold, a cough and sneezes.
So much for skippering your own life, turn the helm over to Just Jesus.

Self-righteousness and sin, overlooked beneath the veil of the pretender.
“Just get me out of this jam Jesus, I’ll be kinder and more tender!”
Just another bargain, the tears of Christ beg for your full surrender.

This sacred gift of life, was not intended to be a tragedy or a bore.
Living life as just another day, ignores the knocking on the door.
The tapping on your heart, it’s Just Jesus, with love baskets full of more.

“What does He want now?” You silently proclaim.
Things are just fine the way they are, uneventful and relatively tame.
“I have more of Me for you, follow me if you’re game.”

He puts His arm around you, hugs you, and helps you with your coat.
As you go out the door with Him, hand in hand, you glance and see a note:
“This life’s reserved for Just Jesus,” now inscribed on the stern of your life’s boat.

Ignore the stuff the world uses to define Him,  just begin anew with Him today.
Sit quietly before Him, Listen intently to what He has to say.
Just Jesus is your focus now, there’s nothing more to say.

The choice is yours each morning, to walk this life with Christ, as just another sort of merely,
Or forget everything you think you know of Him, refreshed and see Him now more clearly
This ruthless love of Just Jesus, seek Him desperately today, solely and sincerely.

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