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SOMEBODY!PLEASE GOD! —- SIGN RON COLE TO WRITE A SERIES OF BOOKS!!!! — For “heaven’s sake” — can’t you publishing people recognize a savant who has the ability to synthesize the essence of issues and communicate the same in BOTH a form and a voice that are unique and refreshing???

Ron Cole Koran

This is one of the top three blogs on faith and culture currently under active, original authorship on the planet. If you haven’t noticed, I AM EXASPERATED that “honest to God” thinking, living, breathing literary talent (hello — I’m referring to RON COLE here!!!) — continues to be overlooked by the mainstream publishing industry — primarily because they are so laser-focused on attempting to preserve their “survival” while unwittingly feeding the inertia that currently continues to propel them toward irrelevance (“Hell”).

Our digital world is transforming the mainstream publishing industry, primarily by the creation of platforms EXTERNAL to the industry that serve to provide UNIQUELY GIFTED thinkers and writers like RON COLE — the ability to reach an ever-increasing, broader audience.

Unfortunately, publishers continue to be driven by their penchant to publish “celebrities.” (Ron lives in Victoria, B.C. Canada — not a place you would strategically relocate to in an attempt to achieve celebrity status). The celebrity driven focus of publishing remains the illusory “heaven” of the industry.

I am declaring TO HELL WITH HEAVEN!!! It is the undiscovered, unofficially recognized, humble, authentic, compassionate, tolerant, uniquely gifted intellectual and literary artists like RON COLE — who is a perfect example of why the future of “publishing as we know it” — shall continue it’s mindless march toward irrelevance.

Book or not, the net provides me as a reader, a lifelong learner, and one who seeks voices who challenge and stretch me — to enjoy and grow through the ongoing contributions of incredibly gifted thinkers like RON COLE — who don’t have a book to their name.

As a reader, thinker and one who desires to grow throughout my lifetime — “I’m in heaven” reading stuff like this post from Ron Cole.

“undiscovered talent” — not so in the digital age — just Google or Bing “Ron Cole.”

Ron Cole 2

Thank YOU Mr. Cole!

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