Speechless at Life – Tragedy

My daughter Liz called tonight.

Liz and her fiancee Aaron buried Aaron’s mother on Monday.

Earlier today, Aaron’s father was killed in a car crash….

Please pray for Aaron, Liz and their daughter Rebekka.

Had just finished reading Brian McLaren’s Naked Spirituality  — the chapter on exasperation, desperation — — shaking your fist at God…..screaming NO! and WHY!

*$#@ – I DON’T GET IT GOD!!!!  —


11 thoughts on “Speechless at Life – Tragedy”

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry for Liz and Aaron. How impossible…to be in love, looking forward to marriage, and then…to be orphaned at such a young age. Liz, Aaron, his remaining family, and your family are in my prayers.

  2. You gotta be kiddin me! Man, I am so sorry. There’s a reason, but holy cow… My heart goes out to all of you.

  3. Bill our prayers are with Aaron and Liz, and all close to them. Is there a reason? Would any answer bring comfort? When a bomb goes off in the midst of life, and for those you stand in the center of ground zero…we can only hold, hug, weep. It’s somewhere in the healing salve of God, family and friends that healing, and the broken bits are brought back together again. In the meantime, we all can shake our fists…even now, I think God might be doing the same. Right now as I write this it’s pouring, tears pounding against ground…and thunder in the heavens.

  4. Bill….We never have the answers to why. But, God knew that Aaron’s father’s work was completed here on earth and it was time for hime to go. I am certain that this is a Blessing from God but painful for your children. Obviously you and Jackie still have work to do here.

  5. Condolences and prayers for all, one of the wisest men I know once said we probably won’t have answers to all our questions untill we get there

  6. Wow, what can you say? There is a reason for everything and only God has all the answers. Our earnest prayers are with Aaron and Liz. Just spent four days with my mom who will be 95 in two months. Love to your family Bill

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