The Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve – Queretaro, Mexico

I had the privilege to enjoy Mexico’s Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve in late September and early October 2020. It is located primarily in the Mexican state of Queretaro. A massive expanse of ecological diversity; cultural and natural wonders.

Sierra Gorda – Map

There are two photo albums from this journey that you will enjoy. 

  1. Sierra Gorda Biosphere Photo Gallery – FLICKR
  2. Sierra Gorda Biosphere Photo Gallery – Google Photos

Click on a link above and use the Slide Show feature to view on a pc monitor or HDTV. These images are not intended to be viewed on a cell phone.

If you are considering a journey to explore the Sierra Gorda region – here are a few tips:

YOU MUST HAVE A GUIDE: If you truly want to enjoy the region, you must have an experienced, qualified guide.

1. Make sure your automobile is in great operating order – tires, brakes, oil etc. 

2. Plan to spend a minimum of 7 days exploring this region.

3. Have water sandals, walking shoes and hiking boots.

4. Hiking poles are highly recommended for those who intend to journey into the mountains and canyons to experience the treasures that reside therein.

5. Dress in layers. Temperatures ranged from 38 degrees F to 82 degrees F – depending upon time of day and the elevation you are at (Sept./October 2020). Elevations range dramatically in this region and micro-climates abound.

6. Have a backpack, carry plenty of fluids and possess first-aid equipment. Depending upon where you are, cell phone service may or may not be available. DO NOT depend upon map and navigation services via your phone. Again, hire a guide.

7. Be careful – some excursion operators may persuade you to join a guided excursion that is beyond your physical and medical capabilities. Ask tons of questions before you make a commitment.

I will be writing several articles on this journey so stay tuned. I thought you might like to see the images before I narrate specific experiences I explored during this expedition. Stay TUNED!!!


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