A Colder War by Charles Cumming



A COLDER WAR by Charles Cumming
Charles Cumming
Charles Cumming
Freefall Without a Chute


Charles Cumming has been referred to as the “Modern Master of the Espionage Novel.” After reading A COLDER WAR – I understand the characterization.


This is my first read of a work by Charles Cumming. It will be the first of many more.
Cumming has a unique way of grabbing your soul and submerging it into a reality that he creates. You will gasp for air, turn and burn pages, and yearn for more.


An inertia inhabits A COLDER WAR – when the story grabs you in the first twenty pages – you become a passenger in the backseat of  vehicle that is plummeting downhill toward a cliff – without a driver.


 A COLDER WAR by Charles Cumming – It’s a freefall without a chute! Enjoy the thrill! I did!





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