Blogger of the Year AWARD- 2011 – Ron Cole

       Blogger of the Year 2011: Ron Cole

The printed paper page is no longer the sole source of talented writers and inspiring, insightful creative thought. Yes, of course, my ability to canvass the blogosphere is limited (to say the least). However, if there is one writer/blogger who is a manufacturer of meaning for me – who exemplifies the tenacity to move across a broad range of substantive issues that affect humanity (collectively), individuals, present predicaments and future challenges — it is a Canadian from the island of Victoria, British Columbia. His name is Ron Cole. He blogs at The Weary Pilgrim. Unbeknownst to Ron, his writings have, for me, particularly in 2011, been a beacon of hope in the midst of the unexpected shadows life sometimes casts our way – as it has for me and mine in 2011.

Cole’s capacity to consistently, creatively, carve to the heart of issues is truly unique. A quote from Clay Shirky comes to mind when I consider the impact of Ron Cole. To provide a little context, Clay  Shirky is on the faculty of the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU. He’s written Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations, as well as his most recent book (2010) Cognitive Surplus – Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age.  Shirky has consulted for a literal Who’s Who in the FORTUNE 100, and publishes viewpoints in the NYT, WSJ, The Times (of London) HBR, and Wired. Here’s two excerpts from of Shirky’s book The Cognitive Surplus – Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age – that captures part of the heart of the magic of Ron Cole for me;

“The logic of digital media, on the other hand, allows the people formerly known as the audience to create value for one another every day. Today, the revolution is centered on the shock of the inclusion of amateurs as producers, where we no longer need to ask for help or permission from professionals to say things in public.” P. 52 (emphasis is mine).

Amateurs are sometimes separated from professionals by skill, but always by motivation; the term itself derives from the Latin amare- “to love.” The essence of amateurism is intrinsic motivation: to be an amateur is to do something for the love of it.” P.82-83 (emphasis is mine).

For me, it is evident that Ron Cole writes for the love of it. Yet, this love of it is not simply the act of writing. It is a uniquely passionate love showered upon a myriad of issues that blip across Cole’s radar screen.

He routinely integrates amazing photographic images, video, links and the written word together to create pathways to meaning that are unequivocally the trademark of a truly talented artist. The meaning he manufactures with this methodology comes from the mind of man – inspired by God – for the infectious blessing it spreads throughout the blogosphere.

I can only encourage you to begin to be blessed, as I have, with the creative consciousness of Ron Cole in 2012….selflessly shared…for the love of it.

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