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Tourism and Public Safety in Mexico: Current Challenges in Jalisco, Mexico

Mexico Safety
Mexico’s Economic Tourism Engine In 2016, travel & tourism provided 292 million jobs in worldwide, equivalent to 1 in 10 jobs. The industry generated US$7.6 trillion in worldwide revenue or 10.2% of worldwide GDP. In 2017 in Mexico, travel & tourism sustained … Continue Reading ››

Corruption in Mexico – An Environmental and Public Health Perspective

Corruption in Mexico
My most recent study of Corruption in Mexico - An Environmental and Public Health Perspective - is out for peer review. It is also being considered for publication by several sources. I will post it here if, … Continue Reading ››

NaturAMLO – the Amelioration Mandate for Lake Chapala’s Oversight

NaturAMLO Chapala
  By the time that the signs of decline are clear enough to convince everybody, it may be too late to save the species or habitat.” - Jared Diamond About The Authors: Continue Reading ››

Mexiconsiderations – Retirement in Mexico for North American Baby Boomers?

Ajijic - Chapala
Mexiconsiderations North American Retirees Moving to Mexico By Bill Dahl About The Author:  Bill Dahl is an investigative journalist who recently completed 4 weeks … Continue Reading ››

Mexico – An Investigative Journalism SERIES by Bill Dahl

Mexico Series
The following is a description of a series of articles I have authored as part of an extensive effort investigating the possibilities of retiring in the Jalisco region of Mexico - specifically the Lake Chapala area. There's a lot … Continue Reading ››

Templo Expiatorio – Guadalajara, MX

Templo Expiatorio - Guadalajara by Bill Dahl
  This sacred space in Guadalajara, Mexico left me speechless...It's beauty, grandeur, architecture and immensity consumed my being and left tears in my eyes...It is a MUST VISIT. Make Guadalajara a  HIGH PRIORITY on your MUST Visit bucket list. Construction … Continue Reading ››