HDR Photography

Responding to the encouragement of several photographers, I started shooting in RAW vs. jpeg a few weeks ago.



Deschutes River Autumn
Deschutes River Autumn

If you want a more in-depth explanation, you can read this summary.

Long story short:

a. Shooting in RAW captures vastly more digital information. These files are enormous digital files.

b. Shooting in RAW requires special processing of each image (much more time consuming. In my case, I am shooting three images with each shutter compression – one properly exposed, one 2 f stops underexposed and one 2 f stops over exposed. Then, all three images are combined in LightRoom 5 and exported with a preset. The preset is HDR Efex Pro (NIK Collection from Google).

c. The end result – the imagery is vastly more robust and more amenable to post capture editing.

 You can view the album of HDR imagery here (CLICK LINK).

1. Click on the Link above.

2. Click on the 1st photo in the album

3. CLICK the arrow on the right side of each image to move to the next image.

These images are ALL copyrighted – ALL Rights Reserved.

If you would like to discuss prints, enlargements or licensing any of these images – please contact me directly. Enlargements for commercial office space are available as well.

These images are VERY HIGH QUALITY  and are NOT intended to be viewed on a mobile phone. PLEASE view on a high resolution PC, Mac, HDTV, iPad or Tablet to enjoy these images.





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