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Mt. Jefferson Wilderness – Jefferson Park

Jefferson Park in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness is a sacred natural sanctuary. BEWARE – The trails to hike in here involve significant elevation gains and you MUST have water – and be in a solid state of physical fitness. Trail widths in many ingress/egress (Whitewater Ridge) allow for only one person in any direction. Be careful, plan and enjoy. This area is NOT one people should take a risk in accessing…it is difficult terrain to ascend/descend. Yet – the rewards are worth it!!! This is an overnight destination – NOT a day hike. This  area is designated wilderness for a reason.




This area is in the Willamette National Forest under the supervision of the Detroit Ranger District.

Reggie and I recently spent three days and two nights in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness…(Jefferson Park – Whitewater Ridge Trail #3429 (DIFFICULT Hike!!!)…We had a BLAST but neither us moved much for two days after we returned…60 lb. backpack…ascent is 6.5+ miles UP UP UP (Whitewater Ridge Trail #3429 — Approx. 5.5 miles to the park boundary marker and another mile into the DESIGNATED campsites).  Campfires are NOT allowed. Weather was PERFECT although Friday night it dropped to below 28 degrees Fahrenheit. We must have put in 20 miles in three days of hiking, exploring, photography etc. The Pacific Crest Trail meanders through the midst of Jefferson Park.

A map of the Whitewater Ridge Trail is BELOW (CLICK to ENLARGE):

Whitewater Ridge Trail Map
Whitewater Ridge Trail Map

A flier for the Jefferson Park area is BELOW  – provided by the Detroit Ranger Station (CLICK to ENLARGE):

Jefferson Park Flier
Jefferson Park Flier


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