My most recent article “Oh No! Mexico!” has been published by Wall Street International Magazine on July 4, 2020, The Mazatlan Post  The Yucatan Times and InDepthNews. You can find it HERE.

Bill Dahl is a former Senior Vice President for Bank of America based in Los Angeles, CA. His analysis of global economic affairs is published widely.

The essence of the article is captured in this quote:

“As our world moves toward increasing economic integration, the necessity to develop renewable energy resources that replace the destructive forces of petrochemical industry, and enhance access to healthcare, food, education, housing and employment opportunities for our most vulnerable – Mexico is attempting to resurrect a bygone era – where the cost of miscalculation can be devastating.”

As I have written previously (2020) on the subject of Mexico, several of my predictions in those articles have come to pass (NOTE – some links below are to articles published in The Financial Times – an expensive subscription service media outlet (to which I subscribe). However, some links may not allow you to read a subscription service article I have included below):

1. The sovereign credit rating of Mexico was downgraded by Wall Street Rating Agencies – one grade above “junk status.”

2. Wall Street Rating Agencies reduced the rating on the US $105 billion in debt for the Mexican National Oil company  -Pemex – it was downgraded by Wall Street Rating Agencies – into “junk status.”

3. Covid-19 is ravaging Mexico at 4-7-2020 (July 4th 2020). See this article in the July 4, 2020 issue of the Financial Times: Mexico vastly underestimating virus death toll, studies say

4. Remittances to Mexican families from those working in the U.S. have plummeted in 2020.

5. Covid-19 will displace millions MORE Mexicans into poverty.

6. Investors see uncertain future in Mexico

7. Mexico rams through electricity market overhaul – Private power generators fear López Obrador’s vision for the sector will shut them out.

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Bill Dahl is a former Senior Vice President for Bank of America based in Los Angeles, CA. His analysis of global economic affairs is published widely. He is a photographer, freelance journalist, published author and contributing columnist for Wall Street International Magazine (Europe), InDepthNews (Europe), Mexico News Daily, the Yucatan Times, and the Mazatlan Post – among others. He resides in Santiago de Queretaro, Queretaro, Mexico. He can be reached via his website at https://www.BillDahl.net.

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