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Rainbows Rising

On a recent trip to southeastern Idaho, I had the opportunity to witness some HUGE Rainbow trout feeding in a river. NO – this was NOT a fish hatchery. This is a closed section of the Warm River (misnomer – it’s 50 degree Fahrenheit water ) – just downstream from the bridge on Highway 47 (Mesa Falls Scenic Byway) – east of Ashton, Idaho about 9 miles – near the entrance road to the Warm River Campground in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest.




Rainbow Trout
Rainbow Trout

People were feeding the trout pellets and Cheetos and they were swarming to the food.

It’s amazing to get shots of Rainbow Trout feeding in their natural environment. A number of these monsters were over 24 inches in length and easily 4- 6 pounds each.

Rainbow Trout
Rainbow Trout

A map of the area is here.

This BEAR country…Blacks and Grizzlies – a Grizzly came through our campground on the Warm River just after dark while we were there ( one guy got photos using a wildlife cam in a meadow just upstream from the campground ). You NEED to be equipped with Bear spray in this area. They charge about $50 for a 9 ounce bottle at local outdoor stores/outfitters. (Buy it on the web before your trip and save a bundle).



You can view the entire photo album by CLICKING HERE.

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