The Mesa Falls Scenic Byway

The Mesa Falls Scenic Byway is accessed from the south via Highway 47 in Ashton, Idaho. Honestly, the area is a wonderland of natural beauty and requires a few weeks to thoroughly explore.




Upper Mesa Falls
Upper Mesa Falls

These images were captured over two days at different times. One day, the falls were in full shade and the other in full sun (thus, the rainbows at the upper falls in full sun).

Lower Mesa Falls
Lower Mesa Falls

The Ashton, Idaho area includes access to lower Mesa Falls, upper Mesa Falls, the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, Teton Scenic Byway, Fort Henry Scenic Byway, the Fall River, the Warm River, Harriman State Park, Island Park, and Yellowstone National Park (Y.N.P. is back country access ONLY via ROUGH roads to the Bechler Ranger Station – 23 miles east of Ashton — and enters the state of Wyoming). Back country permits are REQUIRED in Yellowstone. Yellowstone N.P. fishing permits are also required when fishing in the Park. (Idaho and Wyoming fishing permits do NOT apply in Yellowstone National Park).

Upper Mesa Falls
Upper Mesa Falls

Using Bechler as a base camp in late August or September is a superb choice to access some of the most gorgeous – and least visited – topography in Yellowstone. (This is a more moist area of Yellowstone and the insects subside in late August/September). Camping is available at the Cave Falls campground.

The Ashton area is diverse – with thousands of acres of rolling farmland (seed potato production and grains) that adjoin the forests of the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. You can see the Tetons to the east of Driggs, Idaho from Ashton.

For families and those desiring campground camping – select the Warm River Campground 9 miles east of Ashton. It’s a GREAT spot but very, very crowded during June through Labor Day. The elevation here is 5,200 feet and mornings in September can be sub-freezing — warming nicely as the sun so chooses.

The fly-fishing in this area is world renowned…Period!

This BEAR country…Blacks and Grizzlies – a Grizzly came through our campground on the Warm River just after dark while we were there ( one guy got photos using a wildlife cam in a meadow just upstream from the campground ). You NEED to be equipped with Bear spray in this area. They charge about $50 for a 9 ounce bottle at local outdoor stores/outfitters. (Buy it on the web before your trip and save a bundle).




You can view the entire photo album by CLICKING HERE.

These images are VERY HIGH QUALITY  and are NOT intended to be viewed on a mobile phone. PLEASE view on a high resolution PC, Mac, HDTV, iPad or Tablet to enjoy these images.


Don’t miss visiting the Ashton, Idaho area and The Mesa Falls Scenic Byway. A truly unique “don’t miss it” region in the gorgeous, breathtaking outdoors of Idaho!

For more images of the vast, sprawling beauty of southeastern Idaho, Please CLICK ON One of My Photo Albums BELOW entitled:

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Shoshone Falls

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