Reggie Featured by YAHOO!

This Photo of Reggie was selected by Yahoo! and published on the FRONT PAGE of their FLICKR/EXPLORE photography site – and has received over 35,000 (thirty five thousand) hits in less than 12 hours.


Click to ENLARGE image below (CLICK ON IMAGE):
Reggie Dahl
Reggie Dahl


Photo was taken at sundown at Scout Lake in The Mt. Jefferson Wilderness – Jefferson Park area – during our backpack trip a few weeks back.
Explore is Flickr/Yahoo’s methodology for featuring the most interesting photos in any 24 hour period. Users across the globe  upload approximately 6,000 photos per minute on FLICKR or about 8.6 million photos per day. Yahoo/Explore then selects 500 of these images to feature on Explore each day — one in every 17,000 uploaded photos.



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