Rocky and Reno – Photo Album

The following are links to Two (2) Photo Albums for Rocky and Reno.

Reno n Rocky



The 1st Photo Album is when we lived in the U.S. and contains photos of Rocky, Reno – and Friends:

Jake Chris Mark Rick

Ronnie (Ronan) and Ozzie (Osman) – large breed – white – Akbash dogs from Turkey – owned by our friend Rick.

Ronnie Ozzie and Maddie


Then there is a red retriever “Lucky” and his new little brother (Bright white) “BoBo” – owned by Mark, Chris and Jake Fries. Then there is a black lab named Maddie owned by Sharel Tennis. There are a bunch of photos of other doggie friends in this photo album as well. CLICK THIS LINK to go to the photo album.



Mark and BoBo

The 2nd Photo Album is Rocky and Reno in Mexico.

Reno Jacki n Rocky in Guadalajara, MX

We departed Oregon in the U.S. on Sunday August 18th and drove for 9 days to Guadalajara Mexico (some 3,046 miles). We will be making our permanent home in Mexico. This album will be UPDATED throughout 2019 so check back and CLICK THIS LINK to go to the photo album – and – to see new photos of our beloved boys.

Rocky n Reno in Mexico




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