Stories From The Shack – May 8th – Seattle, WA

Stories From The Shack – May 8th – Seattle — ARE YOU GOING? Sounds Like A BLAST!!!! – leave it to Jim Henderson to come up with the truly creative.

Please read the below from Jim and respond to his request:


As you may have heard I’m co producing a huge event in 3 weeks called Stories From The Shack.

I have never done a fundraiser but if I did it would be for this event.

If this was a fundraiser I would be leveraging my relationship with you and asking you to be a “table captain” which means getting you to agree to be “on the hook” for 10 “guests” by either paying for them, subsidizing them or leveraging your relationship with them

But Stories From The Shack is not a fundraiser and Im not raising funds – Im selling tickets

Stories From The Shack is a live stage production that utilizes the standard fare of music, celebrity performers, lights, action and cameras but like all truly great stories this one comes with twists and turns that are not expected.

Utilizing Spiderman like Aerial artists, fabric manipulation normally associated with the Olympics sand artistry, a water stage and world-class musical performances,Stories From The Shack can only be summed up in one word – beautiful

This show is part of a new genre of live immersive, interactive events audiences are flocking to. Just like words need a page in order to “make sense” and art needs a canvas to express beauty, Stories From The Shack needs a live audience. An audience that brings their imagination and their stories. It’s the interplay between these stories that shapes, informs and colors Stories From The Shack into an experience that’s profoundly beautiful.

As I see it Entertainment is THE most powerful culture- shaping institution in existence (Exhibit A Oprah Winfrey, Depak Chopra, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck) which is why I intend to spend the rest of my life in this field.

While this is not a fundraiser I am leveraging my relationships – I am asking for your support in tangible and concrete ways

Here are three things you can do to help me as a friend

  1. Will you buy tickets to Stories From The Shack?
  2. Will you personally ask people in your church, organization and network to buy tickets?
  3. Will you give priority  to promoting Stories From The Shack by posting on facebook, twitter, and posting actual posters and flyers several times between now and May 8th?

Please let me know what you are able and willing to do. I am fine if you are too busy or have other things you need to attend or give to.

All I ask is that you let me know asap


If you are unable to make the show you can always donate and encourage others to donate to our Kickstarter  campaign

And Yes I can get posters and flyers to you right away – please send me your mailing address

Jim Henderson CEO


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