Wallowa Lake – Oregon USA

Spent several days camped at 4,372 feet at the base of the Wallowa mountains. It was a spectacular photography, hiking, fishing and outdoor exploration tour!

Please Note: If you hike in this area, there are four legged predators that inhabit the region: Black bear, cougar and wolves. You should prepare accordingly – make noise when you hike, consider carrying a firearm for protection (you MUST be licensed in Oregon) in the event of the unexpected predator encounter. ODFW has a superb web resource for this area – including what to do should one encounter a predator in this area. ALWAYS educate yourself if you are new to an area you desire to explore. ALWAYS study the postings at trailheads (typically from the U.S. Forest Service). Visit the U.S. Forest Service office BEFORE you depart on a hike. These folks are the resident experts on safety and suggestions.

You can view the photography album here or here. For the best viewing – please use a pc or a tablet. These images are very high quality and are not intended to be viewed on a mobile phone. When you get into an album – click on the first image and click “SLIDESHOW” for the best viewing. Enjoy!

Predator Advisory
Predator Advisory







Any questions or comments, please contact me. ENJOY!!!

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