God Without Religion – Can It Really Be That Simple? by Andrew Farley

God Without Religion – Is It Really That Simple? – by Andrew Farley

A Review by Bill Dahl

In August 2009, I reviewed Anrew Farley’s first book, The Naked Gospel. I was blessed by it.

I said:

This book is a rarity. Most precious gifts are. I hope you will be blessed by it as I was. It’s a book that I will revisit regularly now.I felt somehow lighter after I finished this book. Distinctly unburdened. My prayer is that you will receive a similar gift from your reading of it.

Well, he’s done it again! In God Without Religion – Can It Really Be That Simple, Farley is one voice that must be seriously considered. Frankly, devoured. Farley is better than good – this isHis treatment of the cross, Jesus death and resurrection – and the finality of it all – is carried out in a manner that is unique, powerful and straight forward.

This book, following on the heels of Rob Bell’s Love Wins, is sure to provoke controversy from the ranks of fundamentalists.

Once again, freedom in Christ is Farley’s thesis…one that reawakens the soul and provides “lift” for the sojourner.

For me, God Without Religion – Can It Really Be That Simple will be read once a year from here on out — right after I finish my annual re-reading Farley’s The Naked Gospel. P.S. I NEVER read books twice!

Farley is simply that GOOD. A TREASURE!

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