Out of Our Minds – Learning To Be Creative by Sir Ken Robinson

Wow!!! I Mean WOW!

Some books contain stuff that stick to your soul – This is one of them. They should give you a pair of gloves or an infant’s bib with this book. This is one of them.

I adore books I truly learn from where the delightful capacity to read about a subject of interest is not turned into a burden by a bright author – that just can’t write very well. Sir Ken Robinson’s book, Out of Our Minds – Learning To Be Creative is clearly NOT one of those.

Here are a few tidbits that I really appreciated:

The necessity of unlearning: “We all live our lives guided by ideas to which we are devoted but which may no longer be true or relevant. We are hypnotized or enthralled by them. To move forward we have to shake free of them.” (p. 7).

The Reality of Change: “The rate and scale of change engulfing the world is creating a tidal shift in how people live and earn their living.” (p. 82).

THE 21st Century Challenge: “In the 21st century humanity faces some of its most daunting challenges. Our best resource is to cultivate our singular abilities of imagination, creativity and innovation. Our greatest peril would be to face the future without investing fully in those abilities.” (P. 47).

The Imperative Questions: “The questions we ask are often more important than the answers we search for. Every question leads to particular lines of inquiry. Change the question and whole new horizons may open up to is. The true value of a generative idea is that it leads to new sorts of questions.” (P.163).

I just cannot do this book justice here. The practical, insightful, approachable manner that Robinson shares his wisdom with the reader is refreshing and magnetic.

A really Great Book!

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