On Bullshit – By Harry G. Frankfurt

I read this book several years ago and then loaned it to an acquaintance and…there you have it…forgot the acquaintance I loaned it to and lost track of the book.


Today, everyone must insure that our respective “crap detectors” are fully functional. From time to time mine needs a tune-up. That’s why I started searching for this indispensable companion – I use it as a crap-detector tune-up tool. So, I went out and bought it again and placed it in a distinguished location in my library. I read it again, 3 times (it’s a small volume).

Finally, it’s the holiday season in many countries where gift giving is part of the various celebration rituals. It’s a PERFECT gift during this gift-giving season. Trust me – upon opening your gift of “ON Bullshit” — you will be showered with smiles and adoration for such a thoughtful, appropriate gesture (don’t be surprised if the remainder of your holiday gathering includes reading aloud some quotes from “ON BULLSHIT” followed by raucous laughter and the acknowledgment Harry G. Frankfurt, Professor Emeritus at Princeton University’s Department of Philosophy has truly contemplated this matter – for all to consider.

A precious little treasure to accent the atmosphere of your holiday gift giving gatherings. Heck, buy 5 on Amazon and pass them around to specifically targeted colleagues, customers, friends and family members.

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