The Promise of Paradox by Parker Palmer

The Promise of Paradox:A Celebration of Contradictions in the Christian Life
The Promise of Paradox:A Celebration of Contradictions in the Christian Life

Congratulations (AGAIN…) to Jossey-Bass for a really smart strategic move — originally published in 1980, Jossey-Bass (John-Wiley & Sons) purchased the rights, including the Introduction by Henri Nouwen and Voila!!! — Like I said, another strategic masterpiece by Jossey-Bass.

I needed to read this book. As an avowed Christian, I benefit from the struggles of others who claim the name of Christ regarding their preferred faith flavor. As Palmer says in his introduction to this volume, ” I find it hard to name my beliefs using traditional Christian Language because that vocabulary has been taken hostage by theological terrorists and tortured beyond recognition.” (p. xxi).

Palmer’s treatise is truly captured early on in this volume when he writes, “Perhaps contradictions are not impediments to the spiritual life but an integral part of it. Through them we may learn that the power power for life comes from God, not from us.” (p.2).

For Palmer, “The paradox that we can win only by forgetting about winning is Christianity 101.” (p. 23).

This book must be savored like when a chef provides you with a teaspoon of warm broth to contemplate the care with which it has been created…with your eyes shut…slowly….savoring it at a soul level.

An incredibly powerful treatise…filled with life-lessons pertinent for today and tomorrow. Well, I guess that how truth actually endures.

Buy this book!!! Read it once a year.

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