The Porpoise Diving Life – Acknowledgments

Thank You!

Living with a writer for some 20 plus years is not something I’d wish on anyone. However, the privilege to do so with my wife, best friend, His Gift…Jacqueline J. Dahl…defies my ability to express my gratitude in words. This is her book as much, if not more, than mine. It’s our life that is scribbled on the pages that follow.

We remain particlularly grateful to Charlie Wear at Next-Wave for publishing the excerpt from the manuscript, and the article in October 2006 entitled “Reality For The Rest of Us.” Charlie’s ongoing encouragement is unique and deeply appreciated. Special thanks to Jim Henderson at Off-The Map for “getting it” and writing “The 41st Day Syndrome,” as well as reading the manuscript The encouragement from Jeff Jacobson, Brian and Pat McGaffigan and Jim Palmer is duly noted and profoundly indelible. To all the authors whose words have shaped my heart, my sincere thanks.

To the crew at for allowing me to express myself on your blank white pages. Clearly, this has driven a lot of traffic to the site. The same goes to John O’Keefe at Whole lotta love to Tony Jones at Emergent for publishing the interview “On Porpoise” with me on May 18, 2006, and the article entitled “Reality For The Rest of Us” in October 2006. Last but not least, to The Tall Skinny Kiwi, Andrew Jones…thanks for ALL you do for God’s children, including the encouragement you have sent our way.

Others who have provided encouragement along the way, and those I have drawn inspiration from include Dan Gilliam, Rob Woodrum, Darren King, Aaron Sutherland, Robby McAlpine, Paul Kuritz, Becky Garrison, Adam Newton, Steve Taylor, Jon Plunkett, Alan Hartung, Phil Wyman, Christian Jahnsen, Sheryl Fullerton, Ingrid Perlongo, Pete & Samie Greig, Craig Bubeck, Mike & Dawn Higgins, Sally James, Malcolm Hawker, Tammy Schoch, Tony Lowe, Barbara LeGere, Nada, Sparky, Jeremy DelRio, Pamela Mann, David & Beth Dear, Michele Kim, Fernando & Meg Alvaez, Mike Morrell, Jason Clark, John Abbott, David Cashmore, Monte Wolverton, Dorothy Clemons, Lydia Schoch, Laura Urista, Darcy White, Amanda Vargas, Joe & Janet DiChiro and Tim Donahue.

By November 2008, we have welcomed tens of thousands of readers from 160 different countries, in over different 1,500 cities, since we launched this site on February 9, 2006. We now have an incredible number of links, tags and blogged comments associated with the site. Clearly, The Porpoise Diving Life© continues to make waves with a broad and diverse global audience. We are humbled by all this.

We are grateful to those in ministry and education who have requested reprint permission to use the material in the classroom, small groups, encouragement for a friend, co-worker, church, classroom, family member and just plain life.

We deeply appreciate all those who have tagged/linked this site to their blog and/or site. For those who have contributed content, thanks a bunch.

We hope you will continue to share your awareness of this site with others, so they know that there is a “reality for the rest of us.”

We look forward to receiving your story about your Porpoise Diving Life that we can consider publishing on the site.

After all, It’s all about us….God, you and me.

Dive in! Get wet.

There’s more to living a life with the God of More beyond the net!

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