Climate Tears – The Sad State of the Accelerating Climate Crisis

My most recent article published today  (March 3, 2022) in Wall Street International Magazine. It is entitled: CLICK on this LINK: Climate Tears - The Sad State of the Accelerating Climate Crisis.   Continue Reading ››

The Climate Crisis and The Climate Questians

The following is my most recent piece published November 3, 2021 by Wall Street International Magazine (and elsewhere). You can read it Below or CLICK THIS LINK. The Quest In my lastContinue Reading ››

Mexico City – A 2021 Photo Shoot by Bill Dahl

We had the privilege to visit this truly extraordinary place - Mexico City - in late October/early November 2021. The following are links to a few photo albums I created for your enjoyment. Continue Reading ››

"How might words, images and ideas open minds, warm hearts and inspire imagination? May you find them refreshing and share them among your people."

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