Awesum – A Poem by Bill Dahl


A poem by Bill Dahl 2012

All Rights Reserved.


To some I’m known as Something-

Existing someplace or somewhere.

I’m the One they cry to,

Desperate for Someone to care.



To others I’m Somebody

Called upon sometime or someday

When your lives become aflame

Desperation’s rescue – somehow or someway



For many I’m a Somewhat

Just a partial notion of what you think you need.

Something you must have to soothe yourself –

From the lies of self-sufficiency and greed.



In this poem this Something is

Someone much more than some proclaim.

I’m intimate and kind, come and test my claims.

Your masses refer to me – many are my names



I live and reign in all of sometime

Every dimension within each someday.

The breath of life for you each morning,

Tomorrows light of the someway.



A love for you so passionate

Not content with someplace or somewhere

I make my home inside of you

Not someplace “over there.”



Great Spirit, Wonderful, and Almighty

The Someone – source of grace.

The Sometime who created this

A presence – voice, and face.



This One that I speak of

The Creator of all place, where, time and day

The One true One of all of it

The Provider of all thing, body, what, how and way



From the wealthy to those in poverty

The shortest to the tall

The Great Spirit I AM everywhere –

The Awesum Author of it all.


For Reprint Permission: Please email Bill Dahl at: wsdahl (at) bendbroadband (dot) com.


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