Sorry for the intrusion.
It’s time for some dancing in your head.
My name is illusion,
I’m everything you’ve read.

You don’t know if I’m real,
You say you do, but that’s a lie.
You use my name like you know me,
You’re afraid and don’t know why.

You don’t know where I come from,
No idea where I’ve been.
Your attempts to find me,
Bury me further beneath your skin.

I’ve got you where I want you,
And you don’t have a clue.
What flirting with my powers,
Can actually do to you.

I’m the one who manipulates,
What you think you know and feel.
I delight in distorting
What you perceive as real.

You think you’re so smart,
You enjoy reading between the lines.
This is what entangles you,
In Ms. perceptions vines.

Illusions have a certain characteristic,
Their depths may not be what they seem.
You’ll never know unless you confront them,
Think, wish, wake up and dream.

Your mind might suggest
Illusions allow you to actually see.
There’s another path to take.
Consider this possibility:

Perhaps it’s multi-faceted,
An intentional mystery.
Maybe it’s part of the process,
To be perplexed by reality.

Meander through the maze of life,
Move through the smoke and mirrors.
It just may be curiosity that leads us to,
The courage to confront our fears.

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