There’s an issue I’d like to discuss.
One filled with tribulation.
It involves millions of innocent kids,
Who reside within this nation.

Carried into this country by their parents.
Without comprehension or consent.
Far too young to understand,
The implications this journey might represent.

A day arrives for each of them,
One nobody ever discussed or disclosed.
A day their parents hoped would never come,
Unanswered prayers are now exposed.

For years they’ve pledged allegiance to our flag.
“The United States of America,” they proclaim.
When ready to contribute as a young adult we say,
“You’re undocumented! That’s a shame.”

When we discuss this issue,
Out come the myths that sharpen rhetoric’s axes.
“The undocumented don’t pay their way.”
Honestly, the SSA holds $20 billion in “suspense file” taxes.

“The undocumented are a burden.
They’re a cost we can and must erase.”
Actually, their contributions far exceed the costs.
It’s just another myth that we must face.

“They’re taking all our jobs!
What is happening to this nation?”
Many are hired in industries desperate for labor,
Victims of our own economic exploitation.

“Their parents don’t speak our language.
Let’s round em up and ship em out.”
Historically, each wave of immigrants to this country
Have been stereotyped with this same suspicion and doubt.

“There’s a very simple answer.
We’ll build a high tech fence!”
One-dimensional solutions to this matter
Are shortsighted and profoundly dense.

As you move through all the myths,
Clouds of confusion begin to part.
There’s a place we must begin,
It’s deep within your heart.

It’s part of the soul of this nation,
Some say it’s rare and out of fashion.
It’s time to dust it off and bring it out.
For these kids, let’s dispense compassion.

Let’s drop the veil of justifiable anger,
Self-righteous attempts to conceal racial discrimination.
Let’s grant U.S. citizenship to these kids.
They’re an indispensable part of the future of this nation.

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