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Mexicontagion – Coronavirus and Mexico’s Economic Vulnerability

The Coronavirus  (COVID-19) global pandemic has revealed that there are certain human beings more susceptible to heightened risks of infection, serious illness and death. You hear terms to describe this group of people like the elderly, those with compromised immune systems, impaired respiratory systems, pre-existing conditions, … Continue Reading ››

Photos for The Pandemic

The following are photos from my image library that are pertinent to our time today - re: The Coronavirus pandemic. 
Rise Above it All
Please feel free to click … Continue Reading ››

El Popo Volcano Eruption – Popocatépetl Volcano Puebla, MX

I was fortunate to be present one morning when the El Popo or  Popocatépetl volcano erupted while having my breakfast tea on a rooftop terraza in Puebla, MX. So, based upon numerous requests - here is a YouTube VIDEO of the imagery. … Continue Reading ››

Sincere Thanks – for Queretaro Emergency Services – Saving Lives

March 6, 2020 Chief Fernando Palacios (Bomberos) and Chief Charlie (CRUM - QRO):

Traduccion al espanol:

  We hereby submit this letter of SINCERE thanks – along with suggestions for improvements in our neighborhood … Continue Reading ››

Murder and the Monarch Butterfly – Advocacy, Activism and Death in Mexico by Bill Dahl

My article about Murder and the Monarch Butterfly Advocacy, Activism and Death in Mexico was published by Wall Street International Magazine yesterday. This article explored the recent murders of advocates as a form of violent eco-terrorism; perpetrated by those who desire to destroy the established, … Continue Reading ››