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An Autumn State of Mind – by Bill Dahl

Heralding the arrival of Autumn. One of my favorite captures.

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Autumn Photography

As a photographer, it is a privilege to live in Central Oregon. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. Central Oregon has some of the most spectacular exhibitions of autumn beauty in the lower 48.



Autumn in Central Oregon
Autumn in Central Oregon

You can view my  photo album of Autumn in Central Oregon by CLICKING HERE.

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These images are ALL copyrighted – ALL Rights Reserved.

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For more images of autumn in Central Oregon, CLICK HERE.

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Fall Color Extravaganza

Some splendid images of Autumn in central Oregon. Click on any image 2-3 times to go to full screen view. ENJOY!!! Fall Fi=oliage is in FULL Beauty this week!

I shoot with a Canon 7D and Canon F4.0 L series lens with a B+W polarizing filter when in bright sunlight. Again, enjoy!!!