Landscapes of Promise – The Oregon Story – 1800-1940 by William G. Robbins

An epic narrative of the Oregon Story from 1800-1940. Essential reading for those interested in the history of Oregon. William G. Robbins (retired – Emeritus Distinguished Professor of History – Oregon State University) is a gifted researcher, writer and historian par excellence.

An absolute essential volume for those interested in the American West and the formative years of Oregon. Fascinating reading. My book has highlighted passages like a two year old scribbling in the margins with your first colored pencil.

Epic. Phenomenal. Period.


Puppy Photos – 10 Weeks

Our new puppy “Reno.” Sometimes you just need puppy images to lift your spirits… Click to ENLARGE any photo below…photos are 10 weeks old – gained 9 lbs. in 2 weeks!!! Reno is going to be a BIG boy….Great HEART too!!!


Redmond Oregon Public Safety Fee Taxes Opposition

Please refer to the LINK BELOW:


City of Redmond Oregon -2018 Public Safety Fee Questions for Residents FINAL 01-16-2018


This Group is called SCRAP ITSincerely Concerned Residents of Redmond Against the Proposal for increases in City of Redmond Police staff via Increased Taxes. 


  1. Our City
  2. Our Neighborhoods
  3. Public Safety (including fire & rescue, EMT’s, human services personnel, healthcare professionals, CPS, DHS, and law enforcement agencies and their personnel and families in every form).
  4. Open public discourse
  5. The rights of citizens and residents to be heard by their elected officials.
  6. Our elected officials and staff in the City of Redmond.


Resist Redmond Public Safety Fees

Notice Of Meeting – Redmond Oregon Public Safety Fees Proposal

Please join us at 6pm on Tuesday January 16th at our home at 1596 NW Hemlock Avenue in the Canyon Rim Village neighborhood in Redmond, Oregon  to gather to explore the reasons why City of Redmond residents MUST OPPOSE this Fee/Tax proposal. This meeting is for those who oppose the fee,  or desire to learn more about City of Redmond residents  opposition to it.

Please share and bring friends and neighbors. Kids are welcome.

Resist Redmond Public Safety Fees

No City of Redmond employees/family members, elected officials and/or City of Redmond staff are allowed – including Redmond PD or DCSO employees/family members. This meeting is solely for City of Redmond residents who oppose this proposed fee and/or desire to learn the reasons why learn other City of Redmond residents do adamantly oppose it.

Fee free to share this post. Thank you. We look forward to meeting you.


Recently Read by Bill Dahl

Here are a few books I have recently completed. Sorry, no time for book reviews in 2018 – too busy doing research and writing my own book (UNLESS – of course – by special request by certain authors/publishers):




  1.  Trivers, Robert The Folly of Fools – The Logic of Deceit and Self-Deception in Human Life, Basic Books – A Division of the Perseus Books Group New York, NY Copyright © 2011 by Robert Trivers

    2. Robbins, William G. Landscapes of Promise – The Oregon Story 1800-1940 University of Washington Press Seattle, WA and London, UK Copyright © 1997 by The University of Washington Press

    3. Costandi, Moheb  Neuroplasticity, The MIT Press Cambridge, MA and London, UK Copyright © 2016 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    4. Ballenesien, Edward, J. Fraud – An American History From Barnum to Madoff, Princeton University Press Princeton, NJ and Oxford, UK Copyright (c) 2017 by Princeton University Press

4. Horwitz, Tony A Voyage Long and Strange – On the Trail of Vikings, Conquistadors, Lost Colonists and Other Adventurers in Early America, Picador – Henry Holt & Company New York, NY Copyright © 2008 by Tony Horwitz

5. Diamond, Jared Collapse – How Societies Choose To Fail Or Succeed, Penguin Books – Published by The Penguin Group New York, NY Copyright © 2005, 2011 by Jared Diamond

6. Berger, Lee and Hawks, John Almost Human – The Astounding Tale of Homo Naledi and the Discovery That Changed Our Human Story, National Geographic Partners, LLC Washington, DC Copyright © 2017 by Lee Berger.


Our Newest Family Member – “RENO”

Our new puppy arrived 12/26/2017. He was born 11/6/2017 – our 30th wedding anniversary. So – we were married in Reno, Nevada – thus, we named him RENO. During his first week he already potties outside and knows his name…so smart – and a wonderful happy heart!


Here are some photos:

1, This is a photo album:

2. Click on any image below to ENLARGE:



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