The Danger Habit by Mike Barrett

Mike Barrett has lived it – I’m tired of reading books by people who haven’t lived what they are writing about. That’s not a problem with this book. His writing authentically represents the reality that Mike has, in fact, lived it. Not only am I tired of reading books by people who haven’t lived what they are writing about, I become disillusioned when they attempt to tell it in a way where their “voice” gets lost (typically by an overzealous editor).Once again, that’s not a problem with Mike’s writing. Far too many books authored by pastors claim to be reveal the human side of their struggles with faith. Most are incredibly unsuccessful. The Danger Habit is a triumph and restores my confidence in clearly Spirit-led writing about “real” life and a Christian faith that meets the soul of my life…one I can relate to…and so will many, many others. I was blessed by this book. You will be too. Here’s a quote from page 28:

“And God needs some of us to be change makers, not routine sustainers, to live dangerously, not just enjoy reading about it, to pioneer new ways of thinking and living because the old ways are tired and boring.”

Buy this book. Live this life. Thank you Mike Barrett. I hope this is the first book of many more to come.

2 thoughts on “The Danger Habit by Mike Barrett”

  1. I’m almost done with the book.
    All I can say is. This book was written to encourage me, to give me more hope, and to understand my characteristics a bit better. I a soccer player, mountain biker, biker, and other sports as well…. and I know what is to take big risks in my life and in FAITH.

    The faith zone, is not the comfort zone. and in Faith is where i find myself.

    Thanks… how do i get more info on it? or someone to discuss the book and or topic?

    James 5:19

  2. Hmmm…can you be more specific…try reading the Porpoise Diving Life in the “Books” section on this site/blog….see where it takes you….then get back to me.



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