Created to become.
Designed as less than whole.
This journey to fulfill
The incessant yearning of my soul.

Great Maker of it all.
Bring clarity to this distortion.
Help me celebrate your intention.
To design me as a portion.

The wisdom of men surrounds me.
Worshipping the illusion of the complete.
Lives burned up in the bonfires,
Where we camp out to learn how to compete.

Encircled on all sides,
War, poverty and cancers.
Your creations run helter skelter,
Searching for the answers.

People bobbing on the surface,
Dreams of somehow being swept away and thrilled.
Cemeteries filled with wasted lives.
Misguided attempts to become fulfilled.

Lives measured in years,
Achievements, responsibilities, pleasures and the dollar.
Discarded yardsticks litter the Earth.
Listen, you can hear their former owners holler.
Where will this journey end?
Will we recall where we came from?
Maybe it’s not about finishing in first place.
Perhaps, You’ve birthed us to become.

What are we to do?
Which way are we to turn?
Please speak up and spell it out.
This truth that we must learn.

As the years go by,
I treasure the glimpses beneath Your curtain.
I’m arriving at some conclusions,
One of which I’m rather certain.

This yearning that we feel,
The one that drives us from our core.
I believe it to be Your Spirit,
Inviting us to You, the God of More.

If this is Your truth,
I am yet to be all that I can be.
Help me take my place as Your portion,
At your feet, in forthright humility.

I empty myself before you,
A life filled with clutter and clatter.
Forgive me my sweet Jesus,
For filling my life with things that just don’t matter.

Today I stand before You.
I confess much of what I rationalized as a need.
Was nothing more than falling prey to a continuing deception,
The satisfaction of self-centered, human greed.

I surrender my facade,
To appear complete, together and whole.
It’s the realization that I’m Your portion
That now satisfies my soul.

In a world focused on the answers for,
Self-preservation, diseases, security and abortion.
May we reawaken to the blessing of,
Being designed as Your Portion.

For the millions that have taken Your name,
Those that declare their faith as Christianity.
Perhaps it’s time to declare this new revelation,
As those of Portianity.

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