Reflections on Mainstream

When they look back on this era of time,
I pray they recognize our courage to climb.
Out of the mainstream flowing into the sea,
The reservoir of the uncaring; the cesspool of apathy.

Drifting on mainstream,
Currents one cannot see.
Just going with the flow,
Disinterested insensitivity.

What shall awaken us,
To our idolatry of security and pleasure?
Darfur, Beirut, Haifa, Gaza and Baghdad.
Perhaps they will cause us to take measure.

Poverty, immigration, the homeless and orphaned children
Ice caps melting at each pole.
Hardened hearts drifting down mainstream.
Leap from your raft! Choose your role!

Inundated by information.
Net, satellite, TV, radio, newspaper and cable.
“Playing a part in the solution?
Me? I’m not prepared or able.”

Pause with me for a moment.
As you float amongst the overwhelmed on life’s ocean.
It’s a simple concept really.
Consider the following notion:

Your Creator is alive today.
It’s no figment of the imagination.
Your life’s under observation.

Someday, face-to-face you will meet Him.
A divine appointment you cannot avoid or ignore.
You will be asked one simple question,
“What did you do to eradicate the injustice I abhor?”

As you gaze into His eyes,
You want to embrace Him, sing and dance.
Then the realization dawns upon you,
“I’ve wasted my only chance.”

“May I go back and live it over?
This time I’ll act and raise my voice.
A life adrift on mainstream,
It won’t be my choice.”

Rise from your raft on mainstream.
Look toward the shore.
See the underprivileged drowning,
Just beyond where the waves roar.

Listen with your heart.
With your conscience hear their voice.
Whatever you decide,
Yes, it is your choice.

Your platform on mainstream?
Now you realize it’s true.
Your position is a gift,
To come to their rescue.

You need not face this predicament.
Your life’s not yet complete.
Together we can make a difference.
Becoming His heart, voice, face, hands and feet.

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