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The Flowers and Flora of Ajijic-Chapala

Floreta de Ajijic
  The flowers, vegetation and landscapes of the Ajijic - Chapala are a world treasure. The following is a photo album of this gorgeous display of natural splendor. CLICK on the image below to stay here and enjoy the … Continue Reading ››

The Flora of Ajijic-Chapala Mexico

The Flora of Ajijic Chapala Mexico
The flora of the Ajijic-Chapala region of Mexico– Luscious - and deserves the sharing of its beauty.  LUSCIOUS! The following is a LINK to our photo gallery. These are LARGE - High Quality images NOT intended … Continue Reading ››

Summer Blooms 2018

Images of late July blooms in Redmond, OREGON USA. Click THIS LINK for a SLIDESHOW or Click on any image below to enlarge and view: