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Lake Chapala’s Pollution – 2019

Lake Chapala Pollution
I have received a number of questions about the nature and degree of the pollution in Lake Chapala, originating from the recent series of articles I authored on this subject. I am a journalist, not a scientist. However, … Continue Reading ››

NaturAMLO – the Amelioration Mandate for Lake Chapala’s Oversight

NaturAMLO Chapala
  By the time that the signs of decline are clear enough to convince everybody, it may be too late to save the species or habitat.” - Jared Diamond About The Authors: Continue Reading ››

Mexiconsiderations – Retirement in Mexico for North American Baby Boomers?

Ajijic - Chapala
Mexiconsiderations North American Retirees Moving to Mexico By Bill Dahl About The Author:  Bill Dahl is an investigative journalist who recently completed 4 weeks … Continue Reading ››

The Flora of Ajijic-Chapala Mexico

The Flora of Ajijic Chapala Mexico
The flora of the Ajijic-Chapala region of Mexico– Luscious - and deserves the sharing of its beauty.  LUSCIOUS! The following is a LINK to our photo gallery. These are LARGE - High Quality images NOT intended to be viewed on a … Continue Reading ››

Guadalajara Mexico

Guadalajara - A destination most Americans and Europeans never visit in Mexico --- This city is an incredible treasure...the people, the food, the architecture, culture, artistry and history are simply delicious. Believe us - Put this experience on your bucket list. It is spellbinding. The following is a … Continue Reading ››